Popular Interior and Exterior Paint Colors Can Help Sell Your Home

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Your paint choices say a lot about you as a homeowner. To make the best choices when you’re looking to sell your home, follow our simple guidelines to painting your home’s interior and exterior below. If you’re looking for a professional to help paint, consult the Shorewest Home Services Center to provide quality vendors with special rates.


Any real estate agent can tell you that a fresh coat of paint does wonders to help your home sell. While many home sellers think they must adhere to a beige-only color scheme, we see that a variety of neutrals can work for your home’s interior. Earth tones, beiges, browns and whites are all neutrals that work great in the context of any home.


This classic neutral palette balances the darker wood and leather furniture. The light beiges and whites will match any furniture brought in by new home owners. Don’t be afraid of accent colors — sometimes a bright pop of color best showcases a neutral palette and can easily be painted over if needed.


Here we see a gorgeous dark grey accent wall. It creates a bolder statement while still remaining neutral and attracts the eye towards the wall. Grey palettes are often recommended for a sophisticated look by interior designers.


The outside of your home gives a first impression to potential buyers — don’t scare them away with your paint color choices. A professional painter will help to create a flawless look, no matter what color you choose.



This white home with dark shutters is sure to be a people pleaser, as studies show that upwards of 40% of people like white homes. Accent colors added via shutters or trim provide personality to the blank slate, but beware that white homes show dirt more than other colors. A pressure wash can bring back that initial gleam of white to your home’s exterior.


Be sure to also observe other homes in your neighborhood. On a street full of beige and white homes, a brightly-hued house can get you noticed for the wrong reason. If you’re looking to satisfy your urge for color, a recent trend of painting your door a deep, rich color is perfect. While buyers may not prefer your color choices, it’s a small area that can be easily repainted.


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